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Employees of Labour Offices from all around Slovakia discussed about legislative changes in employing persons outside the EU including Ukrainian refugees

International Organization for Migration (IOM) as a member of the National Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN) for the Slovak Republic and Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family organized an EMN thematic meeting on labour migration of third-country nationals to the Slovak Republic, especially from the point of view of the act on employment services, residence act and their planned amendments.

07 October 2022

New EMN Inform: Bilateral readmission agreements

Are you interested in how readmission agreements work? Do you know on what basis they are concluded and what their effectiveness is? Read the European Migration Network Inform which maps existing readmission agreements between the EU Member States, Norway and non-EU countries that enable return of migrants staying irregularly on the EU territory.

22 September 2022

EMN inform: Secondary movements of beneficiaries of international protection

How do Member States regulate the mobility and residence of persons already granted international protection status in another Member State? What are the appliable rules for transfer of responsibility of a beneficiary of international protection? A new inform of the European Migration Network dedicated to the secondary movement of the beneficiaries of international protection provides an insight to these questions.

16 September 2022

EMN study on the integration of migrant women

To what extent do Member States consider the distinct situation of migrant women in their integration policies? The European Migration Network published a new study on the integration of migrant women coming from non-EU countries. The study focuses on the areas covered by the EU Action plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027 that support the integration of migrant women for example in education, employment, health and housing.

12 September 2022

New edition of the EMN Quarterly

The European Commission published the 39th edition of the EMN Quarterly which informs on the current developments, publications, events and statistics in different areas of migration, integration and international protection at the level of the European Union and its Member States from April to June 2022.

15 August 2022

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