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Asylum and Migration Glossary

The Glossary explains the meaning and provides translations of terms from different areas of migration. Currently, it contains more than 500 terms translated into most of the EU languages including Slovak. It is available online, as a free mobile application* as well as a publication.

The EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary targets representatives from state and public administration, policy-makers, legislators, researchers, academics, interpreters, translators, journalists and other experts who deal with the topics of migration and international protection. The Glossary aims at unifying the usage of migration terms and their definitions in the EU. The preparation and updating of the Glossary is coordinated by the European Commission and the EU Member States and Norway.

The terms originate especially in the EU legislation and policies, but also more and more in the external dimension of migration and the EMN publications. Apart from translation, each term contains its definition, the source of the definition, synonyms or related and broader terms. Additional remarks that explain in detail the European or national context are an added value of the Glossary. The translations of terms in European languages are being incorporated to the IATE database in sequence. You can find more about the Glossary's scope and methodology here.

*The mobile application is being updated; therefore it is temporarily unavailable.

Web application

The most recent seventh edition of the Glossary can be found at the website of the European Commission. The terms are continuously being added and updated. In 2020 the Glossary was extended by 28 new terms.

Free mobile application

The sixth edition of the Glossary from May 2018 can be downloaded also as a free mobile app for Android and iOS. Apart from English, the app can be switched to German, Italian, Finnish and Latvian languages.


The latest sixth edition of the Glossary from May 2018 can be downloaded also as a publication that includes its own Thesaurus.

Do you know...

what is migration?


Movement of a person across an international border (international migration) or within a state (internal migration) for more than a year irrespective of the causes and the means. There is no universally valid definition.

Slovak legislation does not define terms migration nor migrant.

who is a foreigner in the EU and Slovakia?


Any person who is not a Slovak national (i.e. EU and non-EU nationals).

In the EU acquis, a foreigner or an alien are synonyms for a thrid-country national (a person who is not a national of any EU Member State).

what is integration?


A dynamic, two-way process of mutual accommodation by all immigrants and residents of the EU Member States.

Slovak legislation does not define the term integration.

who is a refugee?


A person whom the Slovak Republic granted asylum as one of the forms of international protection against persecution.

Slovak legislation does not operate with the term refugee. It defines a person granted asylum (in Slovak 'azylant').

which agency is responsible for EU border control?


Responsibility for control and management of EU external borders (Schengen borders) lies with Member States and European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex).

Slovak border with Ukraine became the external border of the Schengen Area in December 2007.

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