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Youth from the Leisure Centre in Prievidza discussed migration topics within the educational activity Destination Europe

On 19 May 2023, the European Migration Network (EMN) together with the National Institute of Education and Youth, the UN Youth Delegate of Slovakia as well as the coordinators of the city of Prievidza participated in the implementation of an educational event for youth from the Leisure Centre in Prievidza on the topic of migration. As part of the EMN activities in Slovakia, young people had the opportunity to participate in the educational activity Destination Europe.

22 May 2023

EMN Inform: Statelessness in the European Union, Norway and Georgia

What does it mean to be stateless? Are you interested in how is statelessness determined across countries? Do you know what kind of consequences does statelessness have? Read the European Migration Network Inform which maps the situation of stateless people in EMN member countries. 

21 May 2023

Visitors of the celebration of the Europe Day in Bratislava got to know the EMN educational activity Destination Europe

EMN Slovakia presented its interactive educational tool Destination Europe at the Europe Day 2023 that took place at the Old Market in Bratislava. Pupils, students, their teachers as well as broader public tested their knowledge on migration in Slovakia and in the world and familiarized themselves with the printed version of Destination Europe that was available in the IOM and EMN stand. 

11 May 2023

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