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International events

As in Slovakia, the EMN representatives in other EU Member States and Norway as well as the European Commission as the network’s coordinator also organize expert meetings on migration. Every year dozens of conferences, roundtables and seminars take place. Since 2020, some of the events have been available online also for the public.

Themes of the events are usually linked to the topic of studies that the EMN elaborates in the particular year or to the topic that is up-to-date for a Member State. The events provide not only the latest information on a specific area of migration, but also good practice and approaches of EU Member States and other countries. Among the speakers there are not only national experts, but also experts from the EU institutions, international organisations and civil society. The events at the EU level are sometimes organized in cooperation with other organisations active in the international migration area.

National and European conferences

National EMN conferences are organized based on the needs of the EU Member States and Norway. Apart from national conferences, the EMN also organizes international conferences at high-level as part of the Presidency of a Member State in the Council of the EU (i.e. EMN Annual Conferences). That is why the annual conferences take place twice a year.

Other European EMN conferences

2020 | Conference of the EMN, the Council of Europe and the European Commission | Effective alternatives to the detention of migrants

National EMN conferences

2022 | EMN Croatia | Women in Migration

2022 | EMN Belgium | Skills Mobility Partnerships

2021 | EMN Luxembourg | Detecting and protecting vulnerable migrants

Discussion roundtables

The EMN supports policymaking also by suggesting innovative ideas and unusual approaches to international migration issues. Since 2020, EMN Roundtables have been designed for this purpose. They can have a format of a whole day event or a shorter (online) meeting. Since 2020, the EMN organized the following roundtables:

EMN World Bank Roundtables (Footprint Series)

09/2021 | Circular Migration for Low- and High-Skilled: A New Paradigm?

06/2021 | New approaches to EU migration: Innovations in designing and implementing new labor migration pathways

04/2021 | Public perceptions of migration

EMN Roundtables

Seminars on current topics

Within the EMN a number of national and European seminars presenting the outputs of EMN and other stakeholders on current migration topics is organized. Below you will find a selection of seminars at the European level:

EMN Annual Conferences under the Presidency of the Council of the EU:

Digital transformation in migration | EMN Portugal | 2021

Webinars on children in migration:

Access to housing and education for children in migration: challenges and good practices | 2021
Young migrants in transition to adulthood | 2021
Missing unaccompanied children in the European Union | 2020

Webinars on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on migration from the EU viewpoint:

EU and OECD Member States responses to managing residence permits and migrant unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic  | 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on international students in EU and OECD Member States | 2020
Maintaining labour migration in essential sectors in times of pandemic | 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on remittances in EU and OECD countries | 2020

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