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Migration management in Slovakia – scroll through our new overview of policies, legislation, institutions and their competencies

26 January 2024

We often hear from experts how important it is for migration to be managed. In the updated document Organisation of Migration and Asylum Policies in the Slovak Republic you will find which institutions and organisations are responsible for the particular areas of migration from the non-EU countries. It provides also an overview of policies, strategies and legislative acts governing international migration in the Slovak Republic, and focuses specifically on changes caused by war in Ukraine.

Migration management is an approach used also by the European Union (EU) and its Member States to structure the steering of all aspects of migration of both EU and non-EU nationals into and within the EU. It particularly encompasses the entry, admission, residence, international protection, integration and return.

In order for the migration management system to work, it needs to be framed by strategic policies, anchored in legislation and put in practice through a network of state institutions and executive bodies in cooperation with the civil society and international organisations. In Slovakia, the migration management system has long been the competence of the following three ministries:

✓ The Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, which is responsible for the areas of border management, legal and irregular migration including combatting migrant smuggling, as well as for international protection, citizenship, returns and the fight against human trafficking;

✓ The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, which coordinates labour migration, national integration policy and care for unaccompanied minors;

✓ The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, which is responsible for the external dimension of migration, coordinates development cooperation and humanitarian assistance of the Slovak Republic, as well as issues visas and receives applications for residence permits or citizenship for foreigners within the framework of the consular agenda.

Involvement of other institutions in migration management in the Slovak Republic is outlined in the new overview prepared by EMN Slovakia in January 2024, which you can download in Slovak and English here.

Overviews are available also for other EU Member States and for EMN observing countries (Norway, Georgia, The Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Montenegro, Armenia, and Serbia).

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