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EMN Studies and Policy Briefs

Studies examine in detail the selected topics in the area of migration and asylum. For the Slovak Republic they are available in a form of a questionnaire or they are developed into a compact text. The studies are elaborated based on a previously agreed and approved specification that is the same for all EU Member States and Norway.

Changes in Immigration Status and Purpose of Stay: an Overview of EU Member States' Approaches (2015)

This focused study examines and compares the different legal frameworks, procedures and practices in the EU Member States to enable third-country nationals to change migration status, as well as the conditions associated with such changes.

The aim of the study is also to inform about the scope of rights that the applicant acquires after this change in comparison with the previous status and to analyse the motivations of the EU Member States to allow these changes. The study also looks at existing obstacles, good practice and lessons learnt.

Determining Labour Shortages and the Need for Labour Migration from Third Countries in the EU (2015)

This focussed study provides an overview of the mechanisms in place in the EU Member States to determine labour shortages and quantifies the needs for migration labour. The study also assesses how the impact of labour migration on national labour markets is monitored and what kind of instruments are used to that end. Finally, the study will explore how the information gathered feed into policy measures.

Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation of AVR(R) Programmes (2015)

The document sets out core indicators for monitoring and evaluating assisted voluntary returns and reintegration programmes (AVRR) in the EU. This common framework aims to promote monitoring and evaluation of AVR(R) throughout the EU, to encourage Member States to start monitoring and evaluating, to improve the quality of monitoring and evaluating and to help with more comparable data collection. The common methodology can be applied by Member States on a voluntary basis and it can help them to design more effective AVR(R) programmes.

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EMN Policy Brief on Migrants’ Movements through the Mediterranean (2015)

This Policy Brief summarises trends in asylum applications and movement of non-EU migrants across the European Economic Area (EEA) over recent years up to September 2015. It outlines the key routes that migrants use to travel to the EEA and the countries where some subsequently claim asylum, along with some of the outcomes of those claims. It concentrates on those EU countries receiving the highest number of asylum applications, namely Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Hungary, UK, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium. Greece is also included where relevant given its geographical location as a key migration route. Apart from the contributing EMN members, data was also provided by Frontex and Eurostat.

Smuggling of Migrants: Characteristics, Responses and Cooperation with Third Countries (2015)

The study provides information on the scale, characteristics and trends of migrant smuggling from third countries to the EU. It also analyses legal and political frameworks as well as programmes and operational responses implemented by selected EU Member States and third countries in the fight against migrant smuggling to the EU. The research tools included an EMN Ad-Hoc Query, interviews with stakeholders at the international, EU and national level and five Case Studies focused on specific routes of smuggled migrants. The study was carried out by a consortium of Optimity Advisors, International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), commissioned by the European Commission.

Dissemination of Information on Voluntary Return: How to Reach Irregular Migrants not in Contact with the Authorities (2015)

This focussed study informs about different approaches employed in the EU Member States and Norway to ensure that irregular migrants are informed of options for return, including voluntary and assisted voluntary return. Besides, it maps the estimated scale of irregular migration. In respect to the dissemination of information on voluntary return to irregular migrants who are not in contact with the authorities, the study identifies the main challenges faced by Member States, provides information on national approaches involving migration and asylum authorities, other public authorities and other actors, describes the role of various involved actors, provides details about the tools used as well as the evaluation of the effectiveness of these tools.

Admitting Third-Country Nationals for Business Purposes (2014)

This focussed study describes EU Member States’ policies and legal frameworks regulating entry and stay of immigrant investors, immigrant business owners and other business persons. The study also deals with measures to prevent abuse of migration of third-country nationals for business purposes and the evaluation of programs focused on attracting immigrant investors. Part of the study is analysis of good practice based on the experience of EU Member States.

EMN Return Experts Group Directory: Connecting Return Experts across Europe (2014)

The EMN Return Experts Group (REG) Directory provides, for the first time, a European wide mapping of the actors involved in the return process and of the programmes and initiatives implemented in the field of return in each Member State. It is divided into two parts: statistics on e.g. forced return, voluntary departure and assisted voluntary return and Member States’ Country Factsheets. The information was collected over the period April 2014 to October 2014 and will be updated each year.

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