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EMN Studies and Policy Briefs

Studies examine in detail the selected topics in the area of migration and asylum. For the Slovak Republic they are available in a form of a questionnaire or they are developed into a compact text. The studies are elaborated based on a previously agreed and approved specification that is the same for all EU Member States and Norway.

Policies on Reception, Return, Integration, Arrangements for, and Numbers of, Unaccompanied Minors (2009)

The study focuses on national developments concerning the care of unaccompanied minors in the EU Member States. The study describes the institutional and legislative background of the care of unaccompanied minors, their motivations for entering the country, entry procedures and border controls, reception arrangements and integration measures that are specific to this group of migrants, as well as the return of unaccompanied minors to their countries of origin. 

Programmes and Strategies Fostering Assisted Returns and Re-Integration in Third Countries (2009)

This study provides a complex overview of assisted return programmes and relevant strategies in the EU Member States and puts forward an overview of assessments of the assisted return programme and of its effectiveness and sustainability in the respective countries. The study analyses assisted return strategy from the perspective of implementation support and possible obstacles in the implementation of such strategy as well as reasons and motivation of migrants to participate in the assisted return programme and the possible subsequent re-integration. 

Different National Practices Concerning Granting of Non-EU Harmonised Protection Statuses (2009)

The study describes and analyses the existing legislation and common practices applied in the EU Member States in granting of such types of protection to third-country nationals that the European Union has not incorporated in its secondary legislation on migration so far, and where the countries still apply their own procedures – so-called non-harmonised protection statuses. The study describes the main characteristics as well as the procedures and rights connected with these protection statuses. 

Family Reunification (2008)

The study describes development of family reunification policy since 2002 and informs how current policy is implemented, with specific emphasis, where applicable, to Directive 2003/86/EC. Experiences in some EU Member States’ implementation of EU legislation within the context of family reunification are also outlined. There is also an overview of the statistics on the size and composition of family reunification. The Slovak Republic did not contribute to this study.

Download attachments: synthesis report (EN)

Conditions of Entry and Residence of Third Country Highly-Skilled Workers in the EU (2007)

The study outlines national legislation for migration of third country highly-skilled workers in some EU Member States and contains a summary of the programmes available in different Member States for attracting such workers. The rights and obligations of third country highly-skilled workers are also described, including whether (and, if so, how) these workers differ from other labour migrants, what they must do to stay in the country, and what are employers´ responsibilities. This is followed by a description of Member State experience with third country highly-skilled workers, assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of current policies. The study also provides available data on highly-skilled workers as well as an overview of recent policy initiatives. The Slovak Republic did not contribute to this study.

Download attachments: synthesis report (EN)

Return Migration (2007)

The study presents the context of the relevant EU return policy, illustrates the different approaches in the use and/or understanding of the terminology for return between the EU Member States and outlines the political and legal framework. Furthermore, the study describes return actions and informs on existing bi- and multi-lateral agreements among some Member States with third countries. The Slovak Republic did not contribute to this study.

Download attachments: synthesis report (EN)

Illegally Resident Third Country Nationals in the EU Member States: State Approaches towards them, their Profile and Social Situation (2007)

The study documents, among other things, the number of persons involved in irregular movements and settlements in the selected EU Member States, the sources and results of such indicators and the methodology involved in counting these persons, as well as presents an analysis regarding the validity of these figures. The Slovak Republic did not contribute to this study.

Download attachments: synthesis report (EN)

Managed Migration and the Labour Market – the Health Sector (2006)

The study aimed to contribute to the development of appropriate policies on labour migration for the health sector, by presenting an overview of the current situation and needs in the participating EU Member States. The Slovak Republic did not contribute to this study.

Download attachments: synthesis report (EN)

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