EMN National Contact Point
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The meeting of the EMN National Migration Network on the topic of Labour Migration, 14 December 2010

19 December 2013

IOM International Organization for Migration as the coordinator of the EMN National Contact Point in the Slovak Republic organised on 14 December 2010 in Bratislava an expert meeting on the topic of Labour Migration in the Slovak Republic and in the EU Member States.

The conference was attended by experts on labor migration from Dublin, Vienna, Geneva, Brussels and the Slovak Republic, representatives of ministries, institutions, university teachers, employees of research institutes and NGOs.

In the introduction of the conference participants received an overview of the past and planned activities of the EMN NCP in the Slovak Republic. Tomas Domonkos from the Slovak Academy of Science as an external expert and co-author presented a new EMN national study on Satisfying Labour Demand Through Migration in the Slovak Republic, the main results and conclusions of the study and provided participants with collected and analyzed statistical data.

Within the conference main activities of the IOM Migration Information Centre in the labour counselling were introduced as well as the results from research on the operation of foreign managers in Slovakia. Participants were acquained with the EU legislation in the field of labor migration, which was recently adopted on the EU level. Thereafter the conference presented the issue of labor migration in other EU member states, particularly with regard to Austria and Ireland and global trends and perspectives of labor migration in the world.


Via the hyperlinks you can download selected presentations in English:

Activities of the European Migration Network in 2010/2011
Natália Ulrichová, EMN National Coordinator, IOM Bratislava

Statistical data of the Slovak labour market with the focus on labour migration and their analysis
Tomáš Domonkos, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economic Research

Migration Information Centre (MIC) – Experience with labour counselling
Vladimír Slama, MIC Coordinator, IOM Bratislava

Overview of the European Union legislative proposals on migration
Agnesa Skupníková, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the SR
Ľudmila Ščerbáková, Ministry of Interior of the SR

Presentation of the results of the research: Foreign company and managers in small Slovak town
Katarína Koštialová, Matej Bel University, Science and Research Institute

Labour migration in Ireland
Emma Quinn, ESRI, EMN National Contact Point, Ireland

Labour migration in Austria
Katerina Kratzmann, IOM Vienna, EMN National Contact Point, Austria

EMN study on satisfying labour demand through migration in the European Union – Preliminary comparative analysis
Sophie Servagnat, Service Provider to the European Migration Network – GHK-COWI

Labour migration in the world – current global trends and perspectives
Ricardo Cordero, IOM Geneva


Photos from the EMN meeting on Labour Migration in the Slovak Republic and in the EU Member States.

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