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We invite young people at the age from 18 to 24 to register to the EMN YOUTH DAY

02 November 2022

On 16 November, International Organization for Migration as the coordinator of the European Migration Network in Slovakia is organizing an event for young people entitled EMN YOUTH DAY with the aim to include young people in the discussion on migration at the European level. You can register until 10 November.

Are you interested in the topic of migration, and would you like to learn more about how migration policies are created? 

We offer you an opportunity to take part in an event dedicated to young people from different European countries. You will try an educational activity Destination Europe about migration policies based on a role play. Thanks to the online streaming you will be able to join the discussion on the topic with your European peers. 

Conditions of participation:
• Age from 18 to 24
• Interest in migration topics
• Communication level in English
Registration is open until 10 November 2022 via: https://forms.office.com/r/u5xgfBPM1W
Number of participants is limited. We will inform the candidates by e-mail. 
The event aims at collecting reflections of youth representatives on how youth could and should be more effectively engaged in understanding and shaping migration policies and narratives in the European Union. Participants will learn useful tools for influencing migration policy and will exchange ideas for developing youth-inclusive migration strategies.
A workshop to the educational activity Destination Europe will be part of the EMN YOUTH DAY. Young people will have an opportunity to act as a minister, EU commissioner, mayor or NGO representative and you take decisions that influence the creation of migration and integration policies and thus the lives of three concrete migrants: Yulia, Ahmned and Sunil who are the protagonists of the role play. 
Thanks to this activity young people will see the impact of political decisions on migrants and public in host countries. The educational activity Destination Europe was developed by the European Migration Network. 
You will find more information and the programme of the event here

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